We Love What We Do, And You’ll Love Our Work.

Altair is committed to your satisfaction. Our team is equipped for anything because of our combined diverse experiences. We’ll communicate with you every step of the way to ensure your budget and schedule are on target. At Altair, our specialized approach and our values help us achieve our vision.
At Altair, we are committed to completing each project on time. We plan each and every step of the process for procurement, deliveries, and onsite labor, ensuring that if unforeseen delays exist, we are prepared. We understand that errors cause unnecessary delays and financial burden; that is why Altair maintains both quality and efficiency.
Safety is a top priority for every project. We create a thorough plan, conduct inspections, and identify hazards before the work begins. Every employee receives safety training and an individualized safety plan is created for each Altair project. Altair Construction aims to provide the highest quality construction services and products to all clients. Our goal is to meet or exceed the specified quality requirements for every project, from materials and labor to the administration of the construction process.
At Altair, our success is attributed to our ability to adjust schedules – while maintaining the project’s completion date – based on detailed performance tracking. Once a project has started, the information gathered by our team during client meetings and internal employee huddles informs all future scheduling decisions.
Our experienced estimating team adds tremendous value to each project, particularly during high-cost construction markets. Our estimating team and project manager collaborate to ensure crucial estimating milestones are met, with many of the cost estimations occurring in real-time. Two rounds of formal estimation take place followed by a final estimation to achieve each project’s master budget.

Altair uses high-performance technology to facilitate efficiency. Viewpoint, a cloud-based project management software system, manages quality control. The software allows our team to take pictures and annotate our work, allowing for real-time communications with related parties. Efficient communication allows us to manage any issues that arise, including punch-listing.